Chico Pinheiro

Musician / Composer (New York - USA)

"I am very happy to follow Marco and Regina taking Brazilian music from the heart around the world. Congratulations guys, a big hug!"

Arismar do Espírito Santo

Musician / Composer (São Paulo - Brasil)

"For 20 years of music, I have followed the sound journey of this couple ... I am happy with the lightness and respect they have for art ... long life for the Duo!"

Magrão Lopes

Musician (Bauru - Brasil)

I am very proud to be able to share part of my days alongside these two rare ones. A story based on respect, admiration, affection, professionalism and especially love. Working like this, living with people like you like this is a gift and a privilege. I wish you a long and full life, with lots of music. Cheers!

Rodrigo Mancebo

Musician / Composer (Faro - Portugal)

"I just have to thank you for the opportunity to be playing with them and also for the musical learning I had all this time. I hope that the music you play, can go all over the world. I love you!"

Mr. Fabian

Musician / Composer (Faro - Portugal)

"My great friends and soul brothers. Thank you for so many moments of joy in music with you. Eternal gratitude for your music and for our friendship. We are always together! Yeahhh !!!."